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It takes just three simple steps to get any bird, eggs or equipment shipped to your home

Browse our entire collection and get basic information about each bird, or the eggs. For equipment like the cages and incubators, we have both used and brand new options available. Verify to make sure you’re placing an order for what you actually want

Contact us for any extra information on any particular item you’re interested in. You can contact live support by clicking on the live support button below or simply send us a message through our contact page. Please by precise as possible in your message to avoid any ambiguity.

Depending on your location and country/state regulations, shipping will follow immediately after payments have been made. Typical shipments will take between 24 to 72 hrs. Note, Flight insurance comes at an additional cost


Always Simply the Best, your Satisfaction our Priority

We have one of the largest selections of birds available. With Certified Avian Specialists on staff our goal is to provide excellent service. We carry babies of all ages, breeders, rehabilitated and rescue birds. If we do not have it we can get locate it, whether it be a special type of bird, cage or supplies. Our goal is to fit the bird with the human. Our best interest is always with the bird and the human. Education of the different breeds is the most important part of being a responsible bird owner!! Having a bird is a long term commitment that requires love and care. Parroworld is open 7 days a week -365 days a year. Our selection, knowledge, customer service and reputation have been the reason we are still in business since the time we started our Exotic Bird Breeding Program. We are not perfect- but want to provide the best care and love we can! like earlier mentioned, Our goal is to fit the bird with the and us

Health Guarantee of Our Parrots

We have the best bird health guarantee in the country, and more importantly, we keep our word. Our Guarantee states: We guarantee that we are selling you a perfectly healthy bird. Vet checked,  but if you are not satisfied with our word, you can go to an Avian Vet and get all testing you prefer to do on your parrots. We can guide you as to the tests we suggest. If the results is not perfect, but the bird can be treated, then we’ll pay for all medications and all treatment. If the results is unacceptable then we either replace your parrots or refund 100% of the purchase price of your parrots.

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